Healthy trees begin with healthy soils. Due to advancement in both soil excavation tools and technologies we are able to provide a variety of soil management services.
soil de-compaction

Tree roots require a soil environment where water and nutrients can be absorbed. Compaction is a common cause of urban plant failure. Using an air excavator, we are able to loosen the compacted soil and add mulch. This reinvigorates surface roots and promotes new root growth.
tree root investigation

Air excavation can be used to investigate tree root decay or damage. Investigations may also be needed to inspect damage to tree roots, particularly where trees are located near recent excavation works on building sites. The location of tree roots may also need to be determined for example when planning construction works near a tree.
excavation of trenches

When trenches need to be dug near trees for foundations or laying utilities air excavation is the only option for safely and efficiently excavating soil as it creates a focused, constant stream of air over the soil without being damaging to the root system.

stump grinding

Stump grinding or stump removal is a process by which an engine driven machine grinds down the tree stump below ground level, thus creating a level ground ready for further development.
Stump grinding can be carried out after tree removal or tree felling has been completed.
Tree stumps are a major problem in many gardens as they can make for unsightly views, especially in lawns. Stumps and roots from trees can affect the landscape and aesthetics of any private garden or commercial land, prohibiting further development and enhancement.
Stump removal is a beneficial solution to stump and tree root problems, through the effective process of stump grinding. The process involves grinding out the stump with a specifically designed stump grinder to create a level and professional finish to your garden or land, leaving a clean and tidy finish.
All work is carried out safely and at affordable rates
We will require a 3’ wide access to enable us to get our stump grinder through.
For your convenience, quotes can be given based on the widest diameter and height above ground level on your tree stump.
For more information, you can call Celia at Selwyn Trees on 01302 816850