Tree health reports aim to identify risks that are beyond reasonable levels and to provide recommendations in order to manage these.
Tree health reports and tree inspections provide written index reports on the conditions of individual trees and in relation to their surrounding environments.
They are carried out from ground level and follow the VTA, Visual Tree Assessment, method. 
The trees position and impact on its surroundings are considered and discussed when assessing relative risk factors. 
A range of equipment is used in order to collect the required information about the tree(s) conditions. We ourselves use laser technology to give us the most precise measurements. 
To complete a tree health report, all parts of the tree are considered:
  - The basal area
  - The main stem
  - Branch unions
  - Branches
  - Canopy
  - Leaves
  - Around the root area
Where there is concern with the root system of a tree, we also have the means to investigate and inspect under the soil surface using our own arboricultural tool; Arb-Ex
The Arb-Ex uses compressed air to break apart soil infrastructure around tree roots without causing damage to the root system itself. 
To find out more about the Arb-Ex tool, you can visit our Selwyn Trading sister site.