We are able to carry out tree surveys and inspections to assess the conditions of trees with respect to their health and safety. Tree surveys give useful information about the condition of trees and any defects present which help determine the risks that trees pose. This information is especially important and useful for trees near properties, roads, pedestrians and any other high risk targets. Tree surveys can also identify management practices in order to manage and promote trees, such as sustainable and corrective pruning, and managing trees growing close to building and properties. Having trees inspected and managed regularly, can help promote the overall value of trees and allow them to fulfil their possible life contribution.
Tree health surveys provide a written report on the conditions of individual trees and in relation to their surrounding environments. As part of tree health surveys, the trees’ positions and impacts on the surrounding environments are considered when assessing relative risk factors.
Our tree surveys are usually carried out from ground level and follow the VTA, Visual Tree Assessment, method. The survey contains a summary of the trees at a specified area or site. Information recorded includes:

  - Tree species
  - Age Class
  - Height
  - Diameter at Breast Height
  - Conditions/Observations
  - Condition Category
  - Any management recommendations
  - Recommended time until next inspection
A range of equipment is used in order to collect the required information about the tree(s) conditions. We use laser technology to give us the most precise measurements. 

To complete a tree health report, all parts of the tree are considered:
  - The base of the tree
  - The main stem
  - Branch unions
  - Branches
  - Canopy
  - Leaves
  - Around the root area
Where there is concern with the root system of a tree, we also have the means to investigate and inspect under the soil surface using our own arboricultural tool; Arb-Ex
The Arb-Ex uses compressed air to break apart soil infrastructure around tree roots without causing damage to the root system itself. 
Tree health surveys give an overall view of the trees on a site and identify any risks caused by the trees, to ensure that there is not an unacceptable level of risk to persons or property