Tree mapping is an important part of modern tree surveying and tree management. Mapping allows for integrated management and identification of trees, and is especially useful where there are a number of trees over one or several areas. Tree mapping allows trees to be plotted in relation to other relevant site features, such as buildings, roads and other structures. This allows trees to be shown on scale maps in relation to other trees and structures.

Our mapping enables the position of trees and illustrations of approximate crown size to be shown on scale maps. The maps take into account the position of the trees, the crown spread and, if required, the condition category of the tree. This information allows the positions of trees to be shown clearly, and hence allow easy identification and management where necessary.

We can also plot the shade cast by a tree’s canopy and can plot the RPA (Root Protection Areas) of individual trees. RPAs are used to calculate the area around a tree that is required in order for the tree roots to function and survive. It is often calculated as part of planning and building designs where there are trees in close proximity to future building proposals.

We are able to carry out mapping for both a large and small number of trees, and on both large and small sites.

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